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June 11, 2018

Battery metals price rally cools, easing pathway to cheaper EVs

Publisher: Financial Times

Author: Henry Sanderson

The rally in battery metals has started to stall, providing welcome news for electric car makers as they launch cheaper mass market cars.

Prices for lithium and cobalt, two metals which have soared in price over the past two years, have fallen over the past month, according to leading price assessment companies.

The lower prices will ease the fears of carmakers, who are trying to reduce the cost of their batteries, the most expensive part of an electric car.

The cost of batteries has fallen dramatically over the past eight years, but rising raw material costs have threatened to derail that progress.The pull back in the price of cobalt is not a bad thing as it allows car manufacturers to produce & sell more economic electric vehicles making them more accessible to the general population, meaning more cars and a stronger market for cobalt.

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