Building North America's Next Primary Cobalt Mine

July 21, 2015

Cobalt's Hi-Tech Blueprint

During the past five years, the battery sector's hunger for cobalt has increased three-fold and prices have reacted in a volatile way. New battery megafactories using cobalt-based cathodes are being built, yet the industry is still divided on how far lithium-ion batteries can really go. With these emerging hi-tech markets threatening to unbalance an industry that relies on the Democratic Republic of Congo for over half of its raw material, the need for new supply is rising. In this excerpt from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, "Europe's Conflict Crackdown", Andrew Miller investigates cobalt's techtonic shift sending cobalt critical due to the rise in the demand for lithium ion batteries and whether the industry can handle another price shock that could potentially derail its role in the lithium-ion revolution.
Formation Metals Inc. Idaho Cobalt Project is mentioned in the 8 page article, "Cobalt's Hi-Tech Bluebrint" (page 5 in the link to the article below).
Editorial - Cobalt's Hi-Tech Blueprint
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