Building North America's Next Primary Cobalt Mine

March 14, 2016

Cobalt Supplies Are A Gigarisk For Battery And EV Manufacturers

Publisher: Seeking Alpha

Author: John Petersen


Cobalt is an essential raw material for all high-energy lithium-ion cells, and the battery industry currently uses 41% of global cobalt production.

Cobalt is also an essential raw material for superalloys, machine tools, catalysts, pigments and other high value products that use the other 59% of global cobalt production.

Roughly 94% of global cobalt supplies come from copper and nickel mines (principally in Africa) that produce cobalt as a minor byproduct.

The other 6% comes from "artisanal" cobalt miners that reportedly rely on slave and child labor.

Whenever highly inflexible supply chains encounter rapidly increasing demand, chronic shortages and skyrocketing prices are unavoidable.

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