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August 13, 2014

The Cobalt Market is at a Turning Point


As per the Company's July 9, 2014 News Release with respect to the recent developments in the Electric Vehicle Battery Sector, the CRU has released a 4 page Insight piece on the cobalt market. The CRU believes the cobalt market has turned a corner and will cycle on a positive trend in the coming years.The synopsis is from their new Cobalt Market Outlook, which provides a comprehensive examination of the global cobalt industry through the next 10 years. The report states that after 4 years of weakening fundamentals and falling prices, the market is turning a corner. CRU Senior Consultant Panos Kotseras writes "production is being affected by integration, changes of ownership, and changes in the type and volume of units available to 3rd-party processors. Demand prospects look strong provided that high-tech applications will continue to use cobalt."

An excerpt from the report:

The Cobalt market is at a turning point

Oversupply of by-product cobalt units has been putting negative pressure on prices for more than three years but the market may now be turning a corner. There is an improvement in market sentiment across the board: cobalt prices have been trending up since the beginning of the year; the nickel price rally has favoured nickel-cobalt producers; demand from rechargeable batteries used in consumer electronics continues to be robust; the prospect of a booming Electric Vehicle market generates further upside demand potential...

To read the full 4 page synopsis click on image below...

About CRU

CRU was founded in 1969 and was originally named Commodities Research Unit. The name was changed to CRU as the company expanded to offering more than just research. the CRU is an independent authority on the global mining, metals and fertilizer industries.

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