Building North America's Next Primary Cobalt Mine

March 25, 2015

The Megafactories are Coming

Benchmark Magazine launches first edition as complimentary download:

The Megafactories are Coming

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has launched its first magazine issue which is free to download. The quarterly publication is part of an annual Membership that specialises in critical minerals and metals, disruptive technology and emerging markets.

This first issue is a battery special and includes:

• The Battery Megafactories are Coming
• Tesla Gigafactory Demand Revisited
• Battery Raw Material Review
• Exclusive interview with SQM's new CEO
• Upstream and downstream news analysis
• And more...

Excerpts from the 68 page publication:

"Tesla Motors, LG Chem, Boston Power and Foxconn are building battery super-plants that will come on-stream in the next three years. The new supply could revolutionise how we source and use energy, creating a once-in-a-century disruptive event."

"A global race is on to build the world's biggest battery plant. For what would have sounded like fantasy only a year ago, some of the world's major corporations are now vying to become the next leading producer of lithium-ion batteries."

"The battery industry is the largest market for cobalt producers, accounting for over 40% of total demand in 2014."

"At capacity Tesla's Gigafactory will require 5,000-7,000 tonnes of battery grade cobalt material. Last year, the industry produced 80,000 tonnes of refined product of which 30,000-35,000 tonnes was battery grade material. This equates to an increase in battery demand of 20% from one consumer alone."

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