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Environmental Policy

eCobalt Solutions Inc. (the “Corporation”) will strive to conduct its business and operations in an exemplary manner to protect its employees and contractors, the public and the natural environment from unacceptable risk, harm or degradation, consistent with good, safe practice and technological and economic viability.

1) the potential risks of projects, technologies or work methods to the Corporation’s employees, its contractors and property as well as to the public and the natural environment will be assessed so that effective control measures may be foreseen and taken, with all parties being made aware of those facts.

2) Every employee of the Corporation is entitled to work safely, in an environment designed, constructed, operated and maintained in accordance with established industrial hygiene and safety standards.

3) The Corporation’s operations will implement site specific environmental, occupational health and hygiene, safety and emergency response policies and programmes in the spirit of this policy and related guidelines issued by the Corporation, as well as in conformation to all applicable laws and regulations.

4) The operations will constantly evaluate and manage the risk to human health, the natural environment and their plant and property.

5) Any departure or suspected departure from this policy must be reported to the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation.

6) The Corporation’s operations will be subject to periodic environmental, occupational health and hygiene, and safety and emergency preparedness audits.

7) A report on these matters will be presented at least annually to the Board of Directors.

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