Frequently asked questions

  1. I placed my bid and confirmed it on your site. When will I receive e-mail from escrow or your reaction on my offer?
    In most cases you will receive it within 2-3 business days. If you suspect that your offer did not reach us, feel free to resend it or contact us.
  2. Do you recommend choosing escrow option?
    Indeed, we recommend to proceed via escrow. It is safe for Buyer, provides various payment options (credit card, check or money order, bank transfer) and you don't have to cover any additional fees. However, if you can not pay via escrow, you can always pay directly to our bank account.
  3. Will I receive full and sole control over the domain name in the end of the transaction?
    Yes, you will. You and only you will be able to change owner, administrative, technical , billing contacts, nameservers. . No third party will have control over your domain.
  4. How do you pass control over the domain name to me?
    We will send you authentication information along with the instructions how to modify the domain name record.
  5. How soon will I be able to use the domain name for e-mail, web site etc.?
    First you will have to set up nameservers for this domain. Typically it can be done by purchasing web/e-mail hosting services from the hosting provider. Your hosting provider will instruct you what nameservers to use to make it all working. Then you must "redelegate" the domain name, i. e. change its nameservers. In about 48 hours after that your domain must be working for you.
  6. How will I renew the domain I bought?
    You will be able to renew domain name within current Registrar or your preferred one.
  7. Do you provide web hosting or e-mail hosting?
  8. Do you provide consulting services on domain names?
    Yes. We can do it for a reasonable fee (from US$200).