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Stage 2 Construction

Stage 2 Construction commenced with the investment of $65.3mm in the summer of 2011. This consisted of mobilizing heavy equipment for the transportation route upgrades and the establishment of a crusher facility to produce aggregate required for these upgrades. It also included the installation and upgrade of required powerlines, portal bench geotechnical drilling and major earthworks. Earthworks consisted of pad construction for the crusher, concentrator, water treatment plant, maintenance shop and storage area, aerial tram unloading terminal, tailings and waste rock storage facility, soil stockpile, water management ponds, portal bench and the establishment of a ground water capture system. Additionally, a new access and haul road was constructed that provides further access between the mine portal and mill apart from the proposed tram line. It also eliminates two miles of existing haul road dedicated to mine traffic between the portal bench and mill.

The ICP mine site is now fundamentally prepared to commence Stage 3 construction - underground development (contingent on successful conclusion of mine financing).

Please see below the Google Earth image of the ICP from September 2013 showing the extent of the earthworks completed to date.